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Fitterfirst Weeble Boards

Maximize the Balance Challenge!

Elevate your balance training with the Fitterfirst Weeble Boards - the ultimate tool for enhancing stability and core strength! Crafted by one of our own staff members seeking to ramp up their balance regimen, these boards are designed to push your limits and take your workouts to the next level.

  • Use one under each foot or hand for advanced balance training
  • Combine with other exercises like weighted squats or pushups
  • Each one has a patented tri-level sphere for increasing difficulty

Enhance your proprioception, boost sports performance, and embrace an active lifestyle with every use. Sold as a dynamic pair, these boards are ready to accompany you on your fitness journey, providing endless opportunities for growth and improvement.

Made in Canada 🇨🇦

  • Sold as a pair (2 pieces per box) 

See our BALANCE BOARD PRODUCT GUIDE for more balance training tools and exercise ideas

    • Improve balance, strength, sports performance & proprioception
    • Decrease risk of injury with stronger ankles / wrists
    • Build core & lower body strength
    • Pair of 11" diameter boards
    • Tri-level sphere adjustable to 22, 25 & 28 degrees
    • High-quality birch plywood construction
    • Non-slip grip tape standing surface
    • This product has potential for extreme ROM & is not suitable for de-conditioned users

    Intermediate & Advanced


    Manufactured In:
    Made in Canada

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Uli Widmaier
    The most versatile balance boards

    I own many different types of balance boards. These are the most versatile. On the low setting, and used on a 4x-folded yoga mat, they're easy to use for a beginner. On the high setting and on a hard floor, they're very challenging. Because they wobble in all directions, and there are 2 of them, they're better than single boards for strengthening ankles. For a serious challenge, try standing on one of them with one foot. Finally, they're well made. Mine have stood up great to years of use.

    Clark K.

    I purchased the WB11 twin Weeble Boards, in addition to the 16" Professional Balance Board, the CMBLB Combobble Board, and the WBS Fitterfirst Balance Board Stand. All four (4) boards fit in the stand. These individual weeble boards are well-made and fun to use.