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PRO FITTER – The 1st Choice of Serious Skiers and Medical Professionals for Over 35 Years

Pro Fitter was on the front line of the Functional Fitness revolution that unfolded throughout the 1980's and 90’s. Sport Medicine leaders loved the real world function it presented to their patients while serious athletes were challenged by the skill it required to master all the Pro Fitter has to offer. Since Calgary’s 1988 Winter Olympic Games you would find Pro Fitters in athlete villages and every winter games since. Fitter outfitted both Whistler and Vancouver Athlete Villages in the 2010 Games and Pro Fitter was on site and popular as ever. The timeless design will help you ski better and stronger while effectively reducing the risk of injury thanks to improved balance, proprioception, strength and confidence! It is a game changer!

Expect quality construction, exceptional function, endless fun and value from the ProFitter, by Fitterfirst; A Calgary, Alberta company you can trust.