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sku: TCK

Tension Cord Kit for Pro Fitter

Replacement 4 Pack

Repair and maintain your Pro Fitter with the Tension Cord Kit.

Compatible with all Pro Fitter models this kit contains:

  • 4pc Tension Cord Kit (2 heavy & 2 light)
  • Installation instructions
  • Easy to install in seconds with no tools
  • Should be replaced annually or when cord resistance become weaker
  • Replace all cords to ensure even wear

Manufactured In:
Made in Canada

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great replacement Part

I am amazed at how much better these feel than the worn out ones that had been on our device for the past 7 years. They were simple to install and are working great.

Bill ToussInt
Tension cord replacements

Just received my new cords. The originals lasted for many years, but eventually wore out. Nice to have more tension as it makes for a better workout.

Pro Fitter

As a experienced user of the Fitter (I used to sell this fitness item here in England) I would recommend the product to everyone whe wants to keep fit,and active in a functional way, especially if you find keeping fit either boring or time consuming. Fitter challenges balance and coordination with muscle strength. There is no other item of equipment that combines all these in a single item. The fact all the parts are replaceable means your investment will never get thrown out. Everyone enjoys the Fitter challenge. Go ahead and enjoy the fun.

Gary McCallum
Fitter chords

arrived on time and got me going again

R. Meilen
fast and easy

I ordered a set of replacement tension cords for my Pro Fitter. Fitter shipped the cords very quickly. They arrived with simple directions and were easy to install. Thanks Fitter!