Stabilized Trigger Point & Active Release Massage

The Rolflex is carefully designed based on the anatomy and biomechanics of the Human Body. The unique shape of the The Rolflex gives precise leverage & pressure without restricting motion, creating an unparalleled therapeutic release of tension.

Now, utilizing its new dual stability rollers (DSR), the Rolflex Pro sets the bar even higher. Unlike anything else on the market, the Rolflex Pro—a pressure-based leverage therapy tool—focuses on muscular tension with a more balanced approach and pinpoint accuracy. The DSR enhancement allows an individual to concentrate their foam rolling around extremely hard to reach joints, such as the knee and elbow, more than traditional foam rolling devices. With the Rolflex Pro users get all the added benefits of the dual stability rollers without compromising portability. Just toss it in a bag, brief case or back pack and self-massage anywhere, anytime with the ability to foam-roll over 95 percent of the body.

"There has never been a Self Care tool that helps relieve pain, recover faster, and improve performance like the Rolflex. It s revolutionary." - Garry Vitti, Athletic Trainer, LA Lakers

The Patent Pending design allows for stabilized Trigger Point and Active Release application, making the The Rolflex the most Dynamic self-massage and trigger point product on the market.

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Made in China

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