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sku: PWFGY

Power-Web Flex-Grip

Portable and Effective Hand/Wrist Strength Trainer


The best all-over hand trainer!

Power-Web Flex-Grip is a unique hand exerciser combining finger extension, grip strength, and individual digit training all in one simple package.

  • Available in 3 resistance levels
  • Easy to handle with built in grip ball & "buttons" to develop isolated finger strength
  • Latex free & made from non-allergenic polymer

The Power-Web Flex-Grip is washable, can be disinfected, and will not crack, leak, melt or tear.

  • Made of non-allergenic Latex Free polymer
  • Finger extension, grip strengthening, & individual digit training all in one
  • Easy to handle with triangle design & comfortable finger-extension sockets
  • Individual “buttons” & molded grip ball for isolated finger & full grip strengthening
  • Available in 3 different resistances
  • Will not crack, leak or melt, is washable & can be disinfected

Manufactured In:
Made in Taiwan

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