Duonamic Eleviia Chin Up Set

World's Best Portable Pull Up Bar


Transform yourself on your own terms with the safest, most portable way to do pull ups in your home or workplace.  These handles provide a simple, easy way to perform exercises that help decompress the thoracic and lumbar spine (mid- and low-back) and promote health and range of motion in the shoulders.  Great for:

  • Passive and Active Hanging
  • Core Strengthening
  • Back and Shoulder Stretching
  • Grip, Back and Shoulder Strengthening

Designed to withstand 250lbs each, these Duonamic chin up handles are easy to use for a variety of simple, fast exercises that can be done daily to promote strength and stability, and improve posture. Installed in under 8 seconds on a doorframe, these clamps are safe to use with a built in spiral spring to keep them securely fastened to the door trim while in use.


A spring keeps the arms of Eleviia securely fastened around the door, while a soft rubber envelops the hard composite to prevent your door from being scuffed or scratched. It is the only doorway pull up bar that holds onto the trim on both sides of the door, spreading the load more evenly and minimizing the stress on each side.

Manufactured In:
Made in Taiwan