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sku: ERTH

Camouflage Heater ErgoTherma

Infrared Radiant Personal Desk Heater

If you work at a desk, chances are you spend the better part of your day feeling cold, either because of the freezing weather outside or because of the overuse of air-conditioning inside. Once again, Camouflage Heater® comes to the rescue with its innovative ErgoTherma. Stay toasty warm all day long without affecting your neighbours comfort levels one iota.

Best of all: the sleekly designed unit installs easily and safely under your desk & no fuss, no muss, no noise and no hassle to move to another workstation as needed. Compact, Silent, Easy to install LED On/Off switch. Portable, Sleek look, Soft and gentle heat. Adapts to each person. Internal thermal sensor for automatic shut-off. Designed and made in North America. 25 x 13 x 3" & Certified UL.

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Made in Canada

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