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sku: 226 SLD.PLAT

High Button Plate For Slide Board Bumpers


The High Button Plate is designed to replace the locking buttons on the bottom of a Slide Board Bumper. These new blue High Button Plates are made from a reinforced, stronger material to withstand heavy use over the older black design.

  • Sold individually as single pieces
  • Each bumper uses 2 Button Plates so for one bumper please buy 2 pcs
  • A full Slide Board requires 4 Button places so for a full rebuild please buy 4 pcs

When replacing a High Button Plate please re-use the screws provided with the original board and always replace both pieces on a bumper at the same time to ensure even wear with use.

  • Replacement plates are easy to remove & install with a screwdriver
  • 2 plates are required for each bumper, 4 plates required for a full Slide Board
  • Always do both plates on a bumper at the same time to ensure even wear with use

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Made in Canada

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