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Fitterfirst Balance Aids

Improve Your Mobility Safely - Self-standing Poles, There When You Need Them

Enhance your balance training with our Balance Aids - the perfect companion for early rehabilitation, first-time balance board users, and individuals with limited balance seeking safety and support.. 

  • Lightweight design with domed caps provides just enough support to ensure safety without requiring a tight grip, allowing you to build confidence in your balance with ease.
  • Comes as a pair for balanced support on both sides, offering stability during exercises and promoting a safer training environment.
  • Easy to assemble and popular in rehab clinics and hospitals, these Balance Aids are trusted by professionals and loved by users for their effectiveness and convenience.

Experience improved stability and confidence in your balance training journey with our Balance Aids. Start building a stronger, more resilient you today!

Made in Canada 🇨🇦

  • Build better balance & stability safely
  • Pair with balance board to improve quality of life & movement
  • Lightweight 47" poles with self-standing 7.5" bases
  • Suited for use with Pro Fitters, Balance Boards, Soft Boards & any other balance products
  • Can be used as an indoor walking aid

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Made in Canada

Customer Reviews

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We purchased, as an add on to the BONGO Board and the Extreme balance board pro, after being exposed to them at a rehab clinic for a member of the family. We thought having a balance aid would be a good idea for us as new users of your products. Turns out we have not used them for as long or as often as I thought might be needed but they still get used by guests or when we do our cool downs to ensure safe mount and dismount. They are well suited to the boards as they offer enough support to mount or regain stability.