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The Beam


With The Beam, you can loosen up your tense muscles, improve your posture and feel better. Specially designed to place along your back to help relax your neck, shoulders, and spine. Great for anyone who uses a computer or smart phone to counteract a hunched posture.

Use The Beam on the ground, in bed, in a chair, or against a wall. It helps you stand up straighter and has a positive effect on your posture.

So easy to use - just place along your back, stretch and breathe with it for 10 minutes a day to feel better. It's back care made simple. Made from easy to clean closed-cell foam and available in Gentle or Firm densities.

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  • Builds core strength with precision exercises
  • Straightens spine & releases tension
  • Reduces stress with regular use
  • Use with breathing exercises to improve sleep patterns
  • Closed-cell EVA foam is hygienic & easy to clean
  • Narrow enough to target muscles & tissue connected to the spine
  • Available in Gentle & Firm densities to suit all users
  • Includes starter instruction guide

Manufactured In:
Made in Taiwan

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