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The Beam


The Beam is a long closed-cell EVA foam tool that users place along their spine while they do stretching and breathing techniques in order to release back and neck tension. The Beam builds strength with core exercises and results may be felt after just 10 minutes a day.  

  • Can be used on the floor, chair or against a wall
  • Sleep better & improve postural alignment
  • Help calm the mind & body, relieve tight muscles & joints

Available in two foam densities and suitable for anyone who has ever felt the unpleasantness of muscle tension. Designed for all skill levels and ages 10 and up.

  • Builds core strength with precision exercises
  • Straightens spine & releases tension
  • Reduces stress with regular use
  • Use with breathing exercises to improve sleep patterns
  • Closed-cell EVA foam is hygienic & easy to clean
  • Narrow enough to target muscles & tissue connected to the spine
  • Available in Gentle & Firm densities to suit all users
  • Includes starter instruction guide

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Made in Taiwan

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