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Fitterfirst Shoulder Roller

Best Tool For Shoulder Strengthening


Get fit, strong shoulders! The Fitterfirst Shoulder Roller is a great shoulder pulley for early rehabilitation after an injury or surgery.  

  • Built in door hook for portability/storage
  • Improve strength & range of motion in shoulder joint
  • Durable high-quality materials for home, gym & clinic use

Ideal for range of motion exercises for arthritis, tendonitis, frozen shoulder syndrome, rotator cuff injuries and more! Also available as a 10pack for clubs, clinics & gyms, or in a kit with a Light or Medium Figure-8 Physio Toner and extra Door Hook.

  • Easily hooks onto a door
  • Can be used to increase range of motion & strength in limited shoulders
  • Key tool for rehabilitating shoulders when injured or post-surgery
  • Solid construction for high use facilities such as clinics & gyms
  • Comfortable wooden grips are easy to clean

Manufactured In:
Made in Taiwan

Customer Reviews

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Danielle Mattla
Like Product

I bought this at my physio clinic and I like it a lot. Only downfall is that it does not come with a door hook