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Spiky Body Roller

Improve Your Self-Massage

Relieve tension and muscle pain! Spiky Body Rollers are perfectly suited for providing simple, effective massage for the whole body. The cylindrical shape and soft massaging nubs are ideal for use around the spine and foot reflex massage.

  • Increase circulation & improve relaxation
  • Ideal for back & feet but can be used anywhere you need to roll
  • Soft enough to roll over joints & spine safely

These durable Spiky Body Rollers are strong enough for home and clinic use with a 330lb / 150kg weight capacity.

  • Ideal for foot reflex massage
  • Relieve muscle & joint pain
  • Stimulate nutrient & blood flow to flush out muscle waste
  • Precision nubs work out knots

Manufactured In:
Measures 5 1/2" x 2" Made in Germany