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Knotty Tiger

Knot Buster Delivering Elbow Deep Pressure Massage

Get "elbow deep" pressure to dig into tough, tight muscles without all the work! The Knotty Tiger is a massage tool that fits perfectly into the palm of a hand to save fingers, thumbs, & hands from fatigue.

  • Provides 3 trigger point curves to apply differing amounts of pressure
  • Non-slip grip paired with hard, firm surface to glide over clothing

Good things come in small packages, portable and easy to pack for travel. Great for working out knots in the neck, shoulders, arms, IT band, pec muscles, and other areas.

  • Relieve muscle knots, aches & stiffness
  • Fits perfectly in palm of hand
  • 3 trigger point curves with 2.75 inch massage surface
  • Hard, firm & smooth surface glides easily over clothing
  • Quickly massage any part of the body
  • Deep grip & friction on fascia muscles
  • Ergonomic - save hands from fatigue
  • Durable & portable

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Made in USA