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DR Hoy's Pain Relief Gel


Doctor Hoy’s™ Natural Pain Relief Gel has Encapsulation Technology you can see that works to protect the ingredients, keeping them fresh and potent. It provides a powerful sensation of cool to warm for ultimate relief, with Witch Hazel to draw in the ingredients. The gel includes Arnica Montana to aggressively target inflammation, easing pain quickly.

  • Contains natural crystalline time-release Menthol & Camphor
  • Absorbs quickly & improves flexibility
  • Use 2-3 layers, drying between each application, for maximum effectiveness
  • High-Quality, non-toxic ingredients & paraben free
Natural Pain Relief Gel can be used alone or pair with Doctor Hoy's™ Arnica Boost for longer lasting relief, breaking the pain and inflammation cycle.
  • Timed release menthol - hours of relief
  • Water based - no oils or residue
  • Cold process manufacturing
  • Cool to warm sensation
  • Absorbs quickly
  • pH Balanced
  • Before - During - After Workout
  • Increased flexibility
  • 3 layers = extra strenght
Adjust the dose to match your level of pain. Layering the Gel, allowing a few minutes between applications, will increase strength and promote longer lasting relief. While results may vary based on tissue density and amount of Gel applied, most users experience 2-5 hours of pain relief. Our high-quality ingredients are non-toxic and paraben free. DOCTOR HOY’S™ is safe and effective for repeated use, has a vanishing scent, and contains no oils which means no staining.

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