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sku: PWFGY

Power-Web Flex-Grip

Portable and Effective Hand/Wrist Strength Trainer


The best all-over hand trainer!

Power-Web Flex-Grip is a unique hand exerciser combining finger extension, grip strength, and individual digit training all in one simple package.

  • Available in 3 resistance levels
  • Easy to handle with built in grip ball & "buttons" to develop isolated finger strength
  • Latex free & made from non-allergenic polymer

The Power-Web Flex-Grip is washable, can be disinfected, and will not crack, leak, melt or tear.

  • Made of non-allergenic Latex Free polymer
  • Finger extension, grip strengthening, & individual digit training all in one
  • Easy to handle with triangle design & comfortable finger-extension sockets
  • Individual “buttons” & molded grip ball for isolated finger & full grip strengthening
  • Available in 3 different resistances
  • Will not crack, leak or melt, is washable & can be disinfected

Manufactured In:
Made in Taiwan

Customer Reviews

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Annette Sears
This is product does what it claims

Yes, I have hand problems, and arthritis, plus quite weak wrists. I really enjoyed using this product. I have not had it long enough to experience any benefits, but it does work out your hand, fingers and wrists, so I am sure to see some positive benefits soon. I enjoyed the softness and flexibility of this tool, and it was quite easy to use, and was not hard on your hands. If you are diligent and use this regularly, you are sure to see some benefits. I will be ordering the medium strength in the not to distant future. I would recommend this product.