The Beam


The Beam is a long rectangular yoga style tool that users place along their spine while they do stretching and breathing techniques in order to release back neck.

Using The Beam is simple and can be used on the floor, chair or against a wall.  Users may find they sleep better and have improved postural alignment. Helps calm the mind and body, relieves tight chest, neck, spine and hips, loosens tight muscles while helping to build strength with core exercises. Results may be felt after just 10 minutes a day.  

Available in two foam densities and suitable for anyone who has ever felt the unpleasantness of muscle tension. Designed for all skill levels and ages 10 and up. Office workers, athletes, fitness, massage therapists, physical workers, yoga goers.


Light and easy to travel with. Includes access to free online videos. Can aid with self adjustment to relieve back pain. Perfect tool in between visits to the chiropractor or massage therapist. For all ages and skill levels. Can be used at home or at the workplace daily. More gentle than the foam roller. Endorsed and recommended by chiropractors and massage therapists. Excellent for someone who sits for long periods of time or texts often.

Manufactured In:
Made in Taiwan

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