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CoreChair Classic

Your Healthy Active Sitting Solution

The sitting disease has a new antidote: movement. Nothing so profoundly impacts our health and staves off the ill effects of static sitting that moving. CoreChair is transforming the landscape of a healthy office with its novel and innovative design a seating solution that combines freedom of movement with optimal postural support.

The CoreChair is built from research, backed by science and endorsed by the health community. The active sitting technology of the CoreChair is designed to lessen the fatigue and discomfort associated with sitting, stimulate blood flow, and strengthen your core muscles helping to reduce back pain. Being active in your CoreChair will help you to stay mentally engaged and more productive throughout the day.  

Active seating solution with patented core mechanism allows for mobility and movement in all directions up to 14 degrees, stimulating metabolism and circulation, and strengthening core stabilizing muscles. Simple adjustments allow for personalization of mobility, adjustment of seat depth and height. Sculpted seat and pelvic stabilizer embrace the pelvis to prevent slumping, enhance comfort and promote uniform pressure distribution. Receive the core strength benefits you would get from a stability ball, but with postural support.

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Made in Taiwan

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