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Naboso® Floor and Balance Board Covers

Enhancing Movement Through Sensory Stimulation


Bring the power of Naboso® Technology to your home or business with these high-quality proprioceptive interlocking floor and balance board covers.  For the first time, you can create your own barefoot training zone or rehab area with floor covering mats or use a board cover to convert your balance board with this uniquely stimulating texture.

  • Ideal when used barefoot but can work with socks
  • Activates nervous system and brains connection to the ground to improve motor control
  • stimulates nerves on bottoms of feet to reduce pain

Made of latex-free patent-pending neuromaterial it is great for Rehabilitation through dynamic movement, which helps activate our nervous systems and our brain's connection to the ground which is critical for optimal motor control.  These textured pads provide you with better barefoot movement so you can train harder and rehabilitate faster. 

  • Latex-Free
  • Easy to use Adhesive Backing - just peel and stick to your board
  • Floor Tiles can be used as a mat or interlocking tiles or get a pre-cut to fit the 20" Rocker Board (RB20), the 20" Balance Board (WB20), the 16" Balance Board (WB16) or our Active Office Board (AOB)
  • Used barefoot, the texture improves proprioception
  • Activates the nervous system and the brain's connection to the ground to improve motor control
  • Stimulates nerves on bottoms of feet to reduce pain
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