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Classic Balance Board

Enhance Your Balance - Best Choice for Home or Office

Incorporate balance training into your home and work life with the lightest weight and most economical Fitterfirst Balance Board. Use it while performing daily activities to increase proprioception, range of motion and improve balance at work or at home.

  • Increase knee, ankle and core strength while improving ankle mobility and balance
  • Increase difficulty of your exercise routine by incorporating this board with your regular exercises
  • Adjustable to two height settings & highly portable

A 4-board kit with stand is great for clubs, clinics and gyms, is availableHere.

See our BALANCE BOARD PRODUCT GUIDE for more balance training tools and exercise ideas

    • Increases knee, ankle & core strength
    • Improves range of motion & balance
    • Increases difficulty of your workout & exercise routines
    • Adjustable sphere for 14 & 17 degree angles
    • Suitable for all footwear or bare feet
    • Highly portable & low-profile
    • Beginner board well suited for personal use or at a work/home office desk



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