Active Office Board

Adjustable Standing Platform

As standing up becomes more common in the workplace, office workers are now facing new troubles: standing fatigue. Just as sitting all day is bad for your health, so it standing statically. That is where the Active Office Board comes in: by simply adjusting the platform you can subtly adjust movement in the board.

Also great for Home use, Sports Training, Kids homework and Yoga exercises.

USA Patent 15/419,243



  • Silent, non-marking legs provide cushioning while standing.
  • Fully Adjustable.
  • By changing the position of the foam legs, you not only provide cushioning for your feet, ankles, knees and legs, you build balance and stabilizing muscles.
  • Fully adjustable - each user can customize their experience
  • Brings movement into a regularly static workday.
All Levels

Product Dimensions:
24.5" x 12" x 3.25"

Shipping Weight:
4.2 kg

Manufactured In:
Made in Canada

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