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Fitterfirst Maple Balance Beam

Restore Strong, Pain Free Feet


These natural maple hardwood balance beams come with a pair of cradles for stability and support.  Available in two lengths to meet your foot health needs, these beams can be used with shoes but are optimal barefoot.

  • Improve balance & foot flexibility
  • Use at a desk in any Active Office™
  • Wood surface is unfinished for superior grip & easy cleaning

Great for stretching, relieving foot pain, improving balance, ankle strength and foot flexibility, these beams will help restore your feet back to being strong and pain free.

  • Designed to bring movement & flexibility back into your feet
  • A great addition to any Active Office or exercise routine
  • Use the curved surface of the bar by standing on it for balance
  • Stretch against the bar to help with foot pain including relieving plantar fasciitis
  • Increase ankle strength & mobility
  • Natural Maple Hardwood is anti-bacterial, washable, & easy to grip

Manufactured In:
Made in Canada