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5 Great Core Workouts With Your Duraball

February 10, 2022 5 min read

5 Great Core Workouts With Your Duraball

The Duraball can be a flexible piece of equipment that can be used for active sitting or exercise.  One of the most common target areas the Duraball is used for is to improve the strength and endurance of the core musculature.  The core includes the abdominals muscles, the small stabilizing spinal muscles and the pelvic floor muscles.  Improving the strength and endurance of these muscle groups is important for posture and the ability to carry out functional daily activities like lifting objects and walking.



There are a couple of ways that you can plank using the Duraball


Straight Arm Plank on the Floor

Fold over the ball so that the ball is at hip level, walk the arms out and let the ball roll down the legs.  The further out that you walk the more challenging the exercise.  Stop with the hands below your shoulders, and elbows soft with the creases of the inner elbow facing each other.  Concentrate on keeping your shoulders relaxed down the back and away from the ears and the core and glutes engaged.  


Hold for 15-30 seconds, pay attention to your form, if this starts to fall apart, stop and rest.  

This is a good exercise to build up the amount of time that you hold it for.



Tripod Plank on the Ball


Kneel in front of the ball and make two fists and rest your forearms on the top ball so that the knuckles are close and the elbows are just slightly narrower than the shoulders.  Walk the feet backwards while keeping the upper body still until you are fully extended out.  Keep the shoulders relaxed down the back, the glutes and core engaged with a wrapping sensation.  Continue to breathe evenly while maintaining the position.


Hold for 15-30 seconds, slowly build endurance by lengthening hold time.  Stop and rest if form starts breaking down.



Straight arm Plank on the Ball


Stand with the ball in front of you, place your hands on the ball shoulder width apart, with elbow soft and the inner elbow creases facing each other.  While keeping the shoulders relaxed away from the ears, and the core engaged, slowly walk the legs backwards and away from the ball.  The further apart the legs are the less challenging the exercise, the closer together the legs are the more challenging.  Keep the shoulders stacked over the wrist at all times with this exercise.  Be sure to breath and keep the glutes and leg muscles active while holding the position.


Hold for 15-30 seconds, gradually increasing your hold time as your strength and endurance improve



Tripod Plank on the Floor


In a kneeling position have the hands and forearms on the floor in a triangle position, keep the palms facing down and the shoulders stacked over the elbows.  Extend on leg back and place on the ball, engage core and glutes and lift the second leg onto the ball.  Stabilize using the glutes, core, and shoulder girdle.  While working to maintain relaxed shoulders and neck. Keep your head aligned with the spine and look at the floor.  The closer the ball is to the hips the easier the exercise is, the closer to the feet the harder the exercise will be.


Hold for 15-30 seconds and gradually increase hold time as endurance and strength improves.

Be cautious in how you come out of this exercise as it is easy to lose your balance.



Pot Stir


Start kneeling on the floor, place interlaced hands and forearms on the top of the ball, with elbows slightly narrower than the shoulders.  Walk the legs backwards until you come into the plank position with your feet hip width or wider apart.  Keeping the core engaged, the shoulders down your back and your glutes and legs active start to circle your arms on the ball in a clockwise motion, pause and reverse to a counter clockwise position.  It's key that you keep the hips and spine stable and still through the entire exercise.


Do 5 clockwise stirring motions, followed by 5 counterclockwise stirring motions.  Gradually increase the number of circles in each direction as endurance improves.



Ball Curls


Start with the hands on the floor with the shoulders stacked on top, and the tops of the shins resting on the ball. Keep the core engaged and the shoulders stacked, bend the knees and come into a tuck position on the top of the ball, then extend the body back out into a straight line.  Keep the shoulder complex still and try not to lock the elbows, keep the neck in a neutral position throughout the exercise.


Start with 10 ball curls, take a 30-45 second break then repeat the exercise.  Stop if you notice that you’re losing your form.



V Pike


Start draped over the ball with the ball under the hips, place the hands on the ground, with the elbows straight but not locked out and the elbow creases facing inwards.  Walk out until the ball is above your knee caps.  Once in the plank position check that your shoulders are in line with your wristsKeeping the knees straight and the muscles of the legs, core, glutes engaged.  Start by drawing your shoulders down your back and lifting your hips towards the ceiling while keeping your head in line with your spine.  Allow the ball to roll down the leg until the top of your laces are on the ball.  With control return back into a plank position letting the ball roll back up the shin to just under your knees.  Try to keep the breath relaxed and rhythmical throughout the exercise.


Start with 5-10 repetitions and build up to more as strength improves.






Laying on your back with your arms towards the ceiling over the shoulder and the thighs perpendicular to the floor, have the ball pressed between your hands and your thighs.  Keeping the right hand and the left knee pressed against the ball, stretch the left arm and the right leg away from the body, return to the starting position.  You can then switch to the left arm and the right leg being extended before returning to the starting position.   Alternatively you can do all of your repetitions with one side then repeat them with the other, this can be helpful if you are having difficulty coordinating the movement.


Do 12-15 repetitions total, rest for 30 seconds then repeat for a total of 2 sets.