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Extreme Balance Board Pro

The Ultimate Challenge - Our Most Dynamic Club Quality Board!

Take your balance training to the extreme with the Fitterfirst Extreme Balance Board Pro - the ultimate tool for athletes and fitness enthusiasts seeking an advanced challenge! Whether you're aiming to enhance balance and coordination, build strength, or increase mobility, this board has you covered, delivering unparalleled results at a high level.

Featuring a full 360-degree rotational disc and two difficulty settings, our Extreme Balance Board Pro offers a multi-directional range of motion that pushes your limits like never before. Safely engineered for club use yet adored by home users, this board is built to withstand rigorous workouts while providing a stable platform for your exercises.

With a non-slip top designed for use with all footwear or barefoot, you can confidently tackle every workout session with ease and precision. Stretch and strengthen ligaments and tendons in your legs as you engage in dynamic movements that target multiple muscle groups simultaneously.

Experience the thrill of advanced training with the Fitterfirst Extreme Balance Board Pro - the perfect addition to any exercise routine seeking an extra challenge.

Made in Canada 🇨🇦 

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  • Improves balance, coordination & proprioceptive awareness
  • Builds ankle, knee & core strength
  • Great for advanced users, clubs, gyms & teams
  • Multi-directional Range of Motion & full 360 degree rotation
  • Adjustable to increase stabilization through 2 difficulty settings
  • Non-slip top for all footware or barefoot use
  • Safe if left unsupervised at a club
  • Blue grip tape easier than Black grip tape
  • Uniquely challenging!

Very Advanced


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Made in Canada

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
You Get What You Pay For

$200 for a balance board seems like a lot, but as far as I can tell, there is nothing out there that meets my needs better than this. I use a balance board at work and needed something more challenging. Well, this is plenty challenging and will take me a while before I truly master it. It is definitely kicking my butt. Only area of concern is the creaking noise it makes which can be annoying for my coworkers.

Maui Family
We're loving it!

A friend who is a doctor recommended it to improve proprioception. Everyone in the family is using it and loving it. It is super challenging. Time will tell if we see the benefits. Improvement is coming slowly for me. My son and daughter don't have it mastered...but they are well on their way.

atin kothari
Love the Extreme Balance Board Pro

I bought this board after trying out my nephew's older FitterFirst balance board in Canada. I love it! We keep it in our living room and whenever I get a chance I am on it. In about 10 days or so of having it, I can balance on it for close to 10 seconds with the support pegs folded down! My legs are stronger and I feel good just trying to balance on the board! I can't wait to increase my balance time to 30 seconds!

S. Lincoln
Very Good.

Family member had discovered one of these in a health club in SE Asia and once I'd tried his I had to get one of my own. Beautifully designed and manufactured. I put a little edge of rubber under each end of the board to keep it from clunking noisily on my hardwood floors.


We purchased, along with the BONGO Board, this after being exposed to one at a rehab clinic for a member of the family and are very slowly adding this to our warm up and work out routines. Not surprisingly our teen age daughter is far and away better at it then her parents, which she thinks is great. While we intended it for TBI rehab we have added it to our balance and core conditioning and have found it great for push ups challenges, planks, stretching and other warm up style exercises. Looking forward to seeing the positive results and great stability.