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Fitterfirst Classic Foam Roller

Tension Relief For Your Whole Body


The Fitterfirst Classic Foam Rollers help release muscle tightness & increase circulation to enhance your stretching routine after use. Made with medium-firm open-cell foam, these rollers are best suited to first time users.  Great for home, clinic and gym use.

  • Relieve tight muscles & increase blood flow
  • Available in a variety of sizes to suit all users

Body rolling is the best way to comfortably relieve muscle tension and reduce stress. The more you roll the better your back and muscles will feel, and the more your balance and postural alignment will improve.

  • Great for relieving tight muscles
  • Increases blood flow throughout the body
  • Target almost any area of the body
  • Increase flexibility & core strength
  • Use before & after exercise for muscle recovery & flexibility
  • Available in four cuts from 3x18 inches through 6x36 inches to suit all users
  • Shape allows for massaging of larger muscles & hard-to-reach areas

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Made in USA

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