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Build Immense Core Power


The Bodyblade® is the simplest, most effective, core-strengthening tool you'll ever use. When in use, the blade flexes back and forth causing co-contraction of your muscles.

  • 40" CXT is the smallest & lightest version, for anyone rehabilitating serious injuries, working on neurological development & for seniors
  • 48" Classic is the most popular size, providing the greatest resistance range of the Bodyblade® line & is designed for the majority of uses from late rehab to athletic training
  • 60" Pro is for larger, stronger & more advanced users, providing hte highest resistance rating of the series

The Bodyblade is useful for anyone looking for a simple, quiet and effective core tool for use at home, office, or anywhere.

  • Improves spinal stability, proprioception, muscle endurance & cardiovascular fitness
  • Strengthens core & arm/shoulder joints
  • Blade flexes silently back & forth at 270 contractions at 4.5hz to contract & release your muscles
  • 3 different models to suit all users
  • Comes with poster, booklet & online training video access

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Made in Taiwan

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