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Fitterfirst Rotational Discs (Pair)

The Best Product for Developing Rotational Stability

Fitterfirst Rotational Discs - your key to enhancing rotational stability, balance, and range of motion! Designed to target various joints such as the shoulders or hips, these discs are your ticket to unlocking a world of functional movement and injury prevention.

  • Sold as pair (box of 2 units)
  • Engineered to provide friction-free movement for minimal torque on joints
  • Achieve seamless rotation to improve your mobility and reduce the risk of injury.

Whether you're performing exercises for fitness, rehabilitation, dance, or sports, these discs are the ultimate tool for enhancing your routine. By engaging in weight-bearing exercises in a closed-chain manner, you'll mimic the movements inherent in your daily activities and sports, promoting functional strength and agility like never before.

Made in Canada 🇨🇦

    • Commonly used for dance, gymnastic cross training, sports & joint rehabilitation
    • Improve rotational stability & range of motion
    • Durable birch plywood construction with smooth, friction-free rolling bearings
    • Develop balance & coordination while maximizing joint strength
    • Increase proprioception & flexibility to reduce risk of injury
    • Comes as a pair (2 units per box)

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    Made in Canada

    Customer Reviews

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    Hip Replacement Rehab Tool

    I am using them to assist in building strength and flexibility after hip replacement surgery. They are a very effective tool used under under the direction of a physiotherapist. Would be nice if they had come with a user guide.