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Fitterfirst Figure-8 Physio Toner

High-Quality Resistance Tubing Loops


The Fitterfirst Figure-8 Physio Toner is your best choice for exercise and rehab. Made with high-quality resistance tubing and soft, easy-grip handles, the Physio Toner is regularly used in clinics and gyms to build and tone muscles or recover from injury.

  • Colours may vary
Endless exercise options for strecthing and stregthening. Lightweight and portable for appliction at home, work or on the road.

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Made in Canada

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Susan Jamieson-McLarnon
Excellent product and service

Thanks to quick response and a phone call to me by Fitterfirst staff I was able to change my order before it was shipped, saving time, trouble and money. A winning combination with a great product. Thanks

Great product, instruction sheet missing

When I've ordered other fitness and rehab products from Fitterfirst, they've always come with a good instruction sheet or DVD of exercises using the products. I was disappointed when my Figure-8 Physio Toner arrived with no instruction sheet-- zilch, zero, zip. If there is one, I'd certainly like to have it. Otherwise, the Figure-8 Toner is a good product.

Howard Saccomando
Physio Toner

Long time Occupational Therapist been using Physio-Toner for years forget Theraband, Physio-Toner is more durable, comfortable and easier to use than any other