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Professional Balance Boards

Get Better Balance For Everything You Do With These Tri-Level Boards


Wobble your way to better health! These round boards feature a solid plywood top with robust construction to last a lifetime. They wobble in all directions providing the ideal movement for balance training and improved proprioception. Use them consistently to see increases in balance, coordination and agility while improving strength in core and stabilizing muscles in the lower body.

  • Patented tri-level sphere adjusts quickly & easily to steeper angles
  • 20" Pro Balance Board - ideal for beginner to intermediate level users looking for a wide stance, great for daily maintenance, rehabilitation & injury prevention
  • 16" Pro Balance Board - an advanced board with steeper angles & narrow stance, ideal for athletes, fitness trainers & experienced balance board users
See our BALANCE BOARD PRODUCT GUIDE for more balance training tools and exercise ideas.
  • Improve balance, strength & proprioception
  • Decrease risk of injury with stronger ankles
  • Build core & lower body strength
  • Decrease rehabilitation time & improve sports performance
  • Quickly adjust tri-level sphere to steeper angles, providing greater balance challenge
  • Safe, non-slip surface for any type of footwear or bare feet
  • Made from durable 3/4 inch birch plywood suitable for commercial use
  • 2 sizes available to suit most users

Intermediate & Advanced


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