Don't be sidelined by Plantar Fasciitis

The ThermaWedge® (patented) device is lightweight, portable and easy to use while standing or sitting, both at home and discreetly in the workplace. Daily use of the ThermaWedge® stretching device and supportive footwear may prevent the onset of this painful, debilitating injury that commonly afflicts healthy, active adults. Combining five of the treatments most recommended by health professionals, the ThermaWedge® device reduces the burning pain and limited mobility brought on by Plantar Fasciitis.

  • "This product incorporates the ingenuity of five modalities in one. It even allows a patient to apply several different treatments at the same time, saving time and improving efficiency. The stretching component permits the user to isolate several muscles of the posterior compartment of the leg and should be a huge adjunct in treating that pesky heel pain known as plantar fasciitis. ThermaWedge® makes sense." Albert J. Mollica, D.P.M. (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine)
  • "ThermaWedge® is a practical and complete tool in treating foot disorders such as Plantar Fasciitis. It is easy to use and provides safe and effective treatment." Travis Wolsey, BHK, BSC, PT, FCAMPT, Diploma Sport Physio, CGIMS, CSCS
  • "The ThermaWedge® is a great therapeutic device that is portable and only takes a few minutes a day to use. I highly recommend this product for anyone with plantar fasciitis or lower leg stiffness." Dr. Sean Graham BSc, Doctor of Chiropractic, FRCCSS

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Made in Taiwan

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