5 Ways To Get Your Body Ready For The Hiking Trails

June 29, 2022 4 min read

5 Ways To Get Your Body Ready For The Hiking Trails


Hiking season is around the corner and after a prolonged period of inactivity over winter there are some products that could help assist you in the during and after in the recovery phase when hiking.




Urban Poling

Urban poles  will help improve balance and stabilize the body while ambulating, this is especially true if you encounter rocks, tree roots and other obstacles along the way.  The poles have the option of having ferrules, booties, or carbon steel spikes.  This diversity allows the user to make adjustments for terrain as needed.  The poles are designed with an ergonomic handle, for ease of grip, there are no wrist straps which are preferable in the event of a fall as you can let go and reduce the probability of getting entangled in the poles.  They are a good adjunct to hiking as it helps off load the lower body on the descent and allow for a full body workout through the duration of your hike.



Fitterfirst Balance Boards

Fitterfirst has a range of balance boards to choose from; they vary in size and difficulty.  If you are a beginner, then a  16” classic wobble board  would be a good place to start.  This board can rotate 360 degrees and it has two different height settings that are available to allow for progression.  The  20” Rocker  board works in two directions forward and backwards or from side-to-side depending on how you have it placed.  These have two domes which you can choose three different height levels to progress your balance training.  Finally there are the  20” and 16” Pro Wobble boards.  These have three different height settings like the Rocker Board, however they can rotate a full 360 degrees like the classic wobble board.


Balance training can be a great addition to your training routine, especially if you are encountering a variety of different terrains like tree roots, boulders, and fine gravel.  A balance board gives the body and the small stabilizers of the core and spine to help improve stability and agility.  A wobble board is also great for strengthening the smaller muscles of the lower limb and feet, all which are integral when hiking.



Gliding Discs

Thegliding discsare a great product for training the whole-body on hard surfaces or carpet.  We use a lot of different muscles when we are hiking in both the legs and the trunk especially.  The gliding discs provide a unique opportunity to allow you to perform exercises in a stable fashion however they provide a smooth gliding action, so you are required to activate your stabilizers throughout the entire movement. They can make lunges, planks, push-ups, hamstring curls, and squats more challenging.  You can also use them for core exercises like mountain climbers, pike, and plank. All of which are great cross training exercises for hiking.


Naboso Knee High Socks

The  Naboso Knee High Recovery Sock is a great product for providing both compression and sensory input for the feet.  This product has the unique Naboso texture fused to the sole of the sock while the rest of the material provides gradual compression around the foot and up the leg.  This combination helps to stimulate the nervous system, release muscle fatigue, enhances circulation and aids in fascia release.  These socks are designed to be worn after you exercise and can be a great adjunct to your recovery routine by keeping your feet and legs healthy.





EVAMyofascial Release Ball

Body rolling is a great way to help ease the body of tension and reduce general stress.   TheEva Myofascial ball has the same density as a foam roller, but it is in the shape of a ball.  This helps to pin-point pressure points with a smaller surface area than a roller which improves its effectiveness for tight spots like the calves, glutes, adductors, and lats.  It's light and portable making it a great addition to your recovery kit especially as it is ideal for both warm up and cool down of any activity.


Fitterfirst Foot Roller

Fitterfirst foot rollers  are a good way to help your feet recover after a day hiking.  They come in large and small sizes and two different colours.  They are designed to help improve blood flow to the foot and the lower limb. The design is such that the individual nubs on the body of the roller will work on multiple pressure points of the foot at once, this in turn will help the body's natural healing process.  The roller is also a good adjunct for treatment for those with plantar fasciitis, have bone spurs, have a reduction of blood flow to the feet or just have sore feet.  The roller is also great for individuals who are on their feet all day or those that partake in activities including hikers, dancers, skaters, runners and other athletes. This device is small and portable and can easily fit in a pack.


Whether you are taking more walks around the neighborhood to get your steps in and enjoy the summer weather or you’re taking on the biggest hike of the season, these product suggestions will help you train and recovery from even your toughest hiking goals.