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Soft Board Kit (Set of 3 Soft Boards)

A Harmony Between Balance Boards And The Fluid Sensation Of Floating

Soft Boards provide a whole new dimension to balance training by creating the fluid sensation of floating on a cushion, all while providing a predictable foundation underfoot. This Soft Board Kit Includes:

  • 1x Soft Board Beginner - With its 4 corner legs this board is suitable for low-level balance training to build ankle strength & foot flexibility
  • 1x Soft Board Rocker Board - With a half-cylinder running down the mid-line this single-plane board is good for sports conditioning & intermediate-level rehabilitation
  • 1x Soft Board Advanced - With a single centre leg creating 3D range of motion, the tri-plane movement is ideal for experienced users, high-level exercise & SUP training

The unique design allows you to safely achieve better balance, coordination and agility. Perfect for home, gym, clinic and office use.

  • Improve balance, proprioception & agility through gentle movement
  • Increase ankle & lower leg strength with stimulation
  • Engages support muscles & tissue
  • 3 board kit is ideal for Clubs, Clinics, Gyms, & Home Use
  • Enhanced function through compression, tilting & floating
  • Non-slip, non-marking & silent base provides stability on any flooring
  • Large surface area allows for variety of standing, sitting & bridging positions
  • Soft top easy to grip for upper-body exercises like planking
  • Closed-cell foam is hygienic & easy to clean

All Levels

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Made in Taiwan