The Fitness Curveball

By Tim Borys


What Curveballs Are You Struggling To Hit?

As smart conscientious people, we understand that health should be a priority.  We know that regular exercise and eating well can make us healthier, happier, and more productive at both work and home.  We may also have great intentions to do these things, yet life regularly throws us curveballs that can derail our best intentions.

The curveballs in life are the challenges, barriers, beliefs, myths, knowledge gaps, and tough situations we face each day.  These include busy schedules, lack of energy, and the fans belief that change requires too much work for too little improvement.  These curveballs impede progress towards the health, fitness, happiness and lifestyle we want.

This book will help you identify and understand your own curveballs, introduce you to the 4 Pillars of Personal performance, and provide simple tools to hit them out of the park in all areas of life. Here are a few of the transformational insights you will learn:
  • The "Other 165 Hours" Rule
  • Why Mindset is the Missing Link
  • Getting Fit is NOT about the Gym
  • Forget Dieting, Calories, and Nutrients
  • You can Create Health, Happiness AND Success

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