SRF Board

Stabilization, Rotational, Functional - Dynamic Sport Training


The Fitterfirst SRF Board is an excellent tool for developing rotational stability and strength in both the hip and shoulder joints, as well as in the spine, knees, ankles and elbows.

  • Unique weight bearing exercises
  • Dynamic movement in a friction-free environment
  • Useful for rehabilitation, fitness, cross-training, sports, and dance exercises

The tension cords can be added from either end of the skate to provide assistance or resistance to the forces of gravity on the user.  The rotational discs provide a friction-free environment that encourages muscle development while decreasing torque at the knee.

Used extensively as a rehabilitation tool, the SRF board is also an exceptional cross-training machine for dancers, gymnasts and lateral movement athletes such as goalies, hockey players, tennis players and all kinds of skiers.



  • Resistance cords can be added from either end to assist or resist the forces of gravity.
  • Maximize functional core and leg strength and stability.
  • Rotational discs allow for dynamic, friction-free movement while decreasing torque on the joint.
  • Improve proprioception and reduce risk of injury.
  • Unlimited configurations with 2 piece system.
  • Lock out pins eliminate disc rotation for increased stability.
  • Adjustable bumpers included to limit range of motion.
Product Dimensions:
44" x 12.5" x 7.5"

Shipping Weight:
18.9 kg

Manufactured In:
Made in Canada