RAD Block

The RAD Block isn't your typical massage or mobility tool. Not by a long shot. This multi-purpose prop kicks things up a notch (make that two) with features that secure and store the RAD Roller and RAD Rounds. Just pop them into the slots for hands-free, isolated pressure in hard-to-reach spots like the shoulders, pecs and adductors. Slide them into the side storage holes for easy, full-kit travel. Not everyone has elite-athlete-level flexibility. What a world that would be, are we right? But around here, we think everyone should have the tools they need to take care of their bodies and muscles. The RAD Block is designed to provide stable leverage for more targeted release, but its added height also makes RAD tools easier to use for people with more limited mobility. From folks recovering from injuries and those with minimal flexibility to exercise and bodywork newbies, the RAD Block makes relief accessible to all.

  • RAD Rounds & RAD Roller sold separately
  • Block Only



Manufactured In:
Made in China