Niko Kids Ball Chair

Great For Children Of All Ages


A sturdy study buddy and overall great pal, Niko is both a kids chair and a toy.  Great for play rooms and study areas, Niko makes a great gift or addition to a classroom!  Designed with a reinforced base, the ball will stay upright when not in use and the ears double as handles for safety when carrying or sitting down on a Niko ball.  Release extra energy by moving while sitting to help the brain focus, and improve posture and core strength while studying, reading or watching tv.

  • Available in 45cm Brown Bear and in 55cm Panda or Brown Bear
  • Limited availability!
Each Box Contains:
  • 1 Anti-burst ball
  • 1 Felt cover
  • 1 Small hand pump
  • 1 Instruction manual
  • Niko balls provide a fidget sitting surface benefiting active kids, providing an outlet for restlessness and hyperactivity.
  • Patented self-standing base design and extra thick carry handles make Niko the perfect ball for kids.
  • Niko is a cleverly designed, inflatable, active sitting companion with character that everyone should try!
  • Niko is different than other sitting balls because its rigid spherical case provides a solid yet comfortable sitting base that helps you get your wiggles out while you sit so you can concentrate on what’s in front of you – fidgeting, bouncing, and rocking is encouraged!
  • Niko frees the user from a traditional, motionless seating experience and allows for all kinds of natural body movements and adjustments so that the user engages their core and leg muscles. This way you can expend some physical energy while staying mentally focused!
  • Niko is a breeze to set up and comes with everything included in the box. Just insert and inflate the inner ball with the provided pump, insert the included air plug, and start enjoying your new seating companion!
  • Despite it being very lightweight, Niko’s self-standing case keeps it from rolling away when you’re not using it! Even on slick surfaces, Niko is at home with its built-in, non-slip base.
  • Encourages Explorative Body Shifting or EBS. EBS consists of any movement that your body wants to do while you sit including circles, bouncing, rocking, and any other creative movements that your body feels like doing! EBS helps keep your joints and muscles active which helps reduce soreness from long periods of sitting – likewise, allowing your body to move while you sit can improve concentration.
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