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EVA Myofascial Release Ball

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Body rolling is the best way to comfortably relieve muscle tension and reduce stress. The Fitterfirst Myofascial Release Ball is a 6" diameter EVA foam ball is perfect for self-myofacial release and targetting tight muscles in the back, legs, glutes and more. Treat tension spots with precision and control.

  • Increase blood flow throughout the body
  • Great for muscle recovery & flexibility
  • Closed-cell EVA foam is anti-bacterial
  • Made of high quality anti-bacterial closed-cell EVA foam
  • Great for relieving tight muscles
  • Increase blood flow throughout the body
  • Target almost any area of the body
  • Increase flexibility & core strength
  • Use before & after exercise for muscle recovery & flexibility
  • Shape allows for massaging larger muscles & hard to reach areas

Manufactured In:
Made in Taiwan

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