Bongo Board / BoardRock Combo

Two of our Great Action Sport Trainers!

This combo provides two of our advanced level boards for dryland training ideal for al boarders - the Bongo Board and the BoardRock.

  • The Fitterfirst Bongo Board® is the hottest balance training product on the market. With fast & dynamic movement, it is perfect for boarders & other athletes. Develop great performance-enhancing reaction skills & master tricks with this super challenging board.
  • The Fitterfirst BoardRock® is a versatile tool for balance & fitness exercises or practicing boarding tricks. The 31" deck with rubber bumpers provides a unique boarding challenge best used on a smooth outdoor surface.

Improve overall balance, agility & core stability with these great boards. Designed for cross-training and elite-level athletes to improve overall reaction times, functional and sport-specific skills, and proprioception. Great for skaters, snowboarders, wake boarders, hockey players, surfers, and other athletes.

  • Combo pack with our two most popular advanced level boards for action sports training & boarders
  • Enhance leg strength & core stability
  • Improve balance, agility & coordination
  • Increase responsiveness & advanced reaction time
  • Skateboard decks allow for lifelike feel & carryover to board sports
  • BoardRock® has flexing spheres for practicing boarding tricks
  • Bongo Board® has double ball bearing wheel system allowing two halves of roller to roll independently for rocking, rolling & 360deg movement, tapered for heel-toe rocking, & bumpers for added safety control