Airex Pilates 190

High Quality and Functional Pilates/Yoga Mat

The Airex YogaPilates 190 with a thickness of just 8 mm is the thinnest mat in the Airex product range. It is soft and provides support, which helps avoid straining the joints in the feet and the wrists. The Airex YogaPilates mat is also firmer, which means it provides better support during challenging Pilates exercises. It is less stretchy and more slip-resistant than the other mats.

Expert opinions from Pilates practitioners and trainers were incorporated in the development of this special mat, along with the latest trends in foam production.


These mats are very lightweight, easy to roll up and unroll, lie flat on the floor immediately after unrolling with no corners sticking up, and are equipped with antimicrobial hygiene protection. The length of 190 cm offers adequate space for training.

Manufactured In:
Made in China