Airex Fitline 140 Mat

The #1 Mat Used by Therapists Worldwide

Always warm and comfortable to touch, Airex Mats provide a quality foundation for any exercise or rehabilitation routine. Hard-wearing and long lasting with no memory effect, Airex mats offer maximum comfort for exercise, yoga, Pilates or rehabilitation applications. Designed for a lifetime of dynamic use!

The Airex Fitline gymnastics mat is the classic entry-level model for training at home. It is space-saving, yet offers adequate room for the head and torso. Fitness studios offering group fitness courses with good attendance also like to equip themselves with the Fitline.


  • Mat140 - 23 x 56 x 0.4"
  • Mat180 - 23 x 72 x 0.4"
The Fitline is extremely lightweight, very handy and finds space in any sports bag. In the fitness studio, it is a popular mat for equipping group courses with good attendance or for smaller facilities. With a thickness of 1 cm, the Fitline offers good damping characteristics for exercises to support gentle and efficient training.

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Made in China

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