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Fitterfirst ProActive Sit Disc

Versatile and Travel Ready - Active Sitting Made Easy

The Fitterfirst ProActive Sit Disc is made with self-inflating Therm-a-Rest® technology. It inflates and deflates to suit your needs, making it portable and ideal for travel.
  • Over-inflate to use as bolster or for exercise
  • Improve posture on the go, rolls up to fit in bag, drawer, etc
  • Durable for standing exercises
The soft, washable fabric-covered surface is comfortable for both standing and sitting.
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  • Prevents sitting & nerve pain
  • Aids in injury rehab, core strength & balance
  • Portable for on the go comfort
  • Can be over-inflated to use as lumbar support
  • Self-inflating & deflating with Therm-a-Rest® valve
  • Soft fabric-covered surface
  • Durable for standing exercises & portability
Shipping Weight:
1.2 kg

Product Dimensions:
Fitterfirst ProActive Sit Disc-15" Circle: 15" x 15" x 3"
Fitterfirst ProActive Sit Disc-12x17" Rectangle: 20" x 15" x 2"
Manufactured In:
Made in Taiwan

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