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Soft Board Advanced

A Harmony Between Balance Boards And The Fluid Sensation Of Floating

Soft Boards provide a whole new dimension to balance training by creating the fluid sensation of floating on a cushion, all while providing a predictable foundation underfoot. This Soft Board Advanced has a large deck with a single centre leg, creating a challenging 3D range of motion.

  • Tri-plane movement perfect for experienced users, high-level exercise & SUP training
  • Non-slip, non-marking & silent base provides stability on any flooring
  • Soft top easy to grip for upper-body exercises like planking

The unique design allows you to safely achieve better balance, coordination and agility. Perfect for home, gym and office use.

  • Improve balance, proprioception & agility through gentle movement
  • Increase ankle & lower leg strength with stimulation
  • Engages support muscles & tissue
  • Ideal for experienced users, high-level exercise & SUP training
  • Enhanced function through compression, tilting & floating for 3D movement
  • Non-slip, non-marking & silent base provides stability on any flooring
  • Large surface area allows for variety of standing, sitting & bridging positions
  • Soft top easy to grip for upper-body exercises like planking
  • Closed-cell foam is hygienic & easy to clean



Manufactured In:
Made in Taiwan

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Louis Stack
A very different balance trainer

I first step on a Soft Board in Germany and was very intrigued as I was looking for a safe but challenging product for very low level patients. I am a care giver to s 55 year old special needs girl who has great fears of falling and is threaten by any instability. This makes keeping what mobility and confidence she does have very difficult. The second I stepped on the Soft Board beginner I knew I had found the perfect product for her and many clients with very low level balance skills. The Soft Board rocker is the intermediate platform that she can progress to in time. Both offer just enough challenge to help the user develop proprioception but not so abrupt or choppy feeling to scare them. The Soft Board Advanced is the 3 rd in the series that is more difficult but once the user is on it they can simply attempt to keep it flat and still ( this is next to impossible as all the fast small twitch muscles keep firing) even though the user is not really moving much. Think of staying stable and balanced on a Paddle Board or SUP and you will understand the sensation this board creates for the user. Soft boards are an amazing addition to any clinics vestibular product collection that will prove to be favorites by both the PT's and the patients. Soft Board Advanced is my favorite of all the Fitterfirst Balance Boards and is very different and safer than a BOSU Ball.


I've really enjoyed this balance board. The soft balance point and soft top make it great for use anywhere in the house. My 9 and 6 year old sons are actually using it more than anyone else and now they use it when they brush their teeth as a balance challenge. Great product, highly recommended.