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Gliding Discs

Glide Your Way to Better Health


Gliding Discs are unique sliding discs that allow for smooth, fluid, graceful movements. They work multiple muscles while engaging core stabilization throughout the range of motion.

  • Achieve optimal range of motion more easily & consistently
  • Lightweight, compact & portable
  • Progressive movements lengthen & strengthen muscles

Incorporate these Gliding Discs into virtually any exercise format to transform your exercise movements into smooth, graceful lines of flowing motion. Two versions specially designed for hardwood or carpeted floors so you can get the most out of your Gliding Discs.

  • Incorporate body sculpting, balance, flexibility, core & cardio into your exercise routines
  • Allows for more optimal range of motion
  • Develop movement in smooth, graceful lines of flowing motion
  • Available in Hardwood & Carpet versions depending on preferred flooring
  • Comes in singles or 25pc club packs

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Made in China

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