React Board 364

Reactive Balance - 360 Degrees of Rotation and Up to 4 Inches of Translation


The RB 364 provides 360 degrees of rotation and up to 4 inches of translation. The center dial can lock the platform into rotation only or be used to slow the motion as needed to customize the user's experience. The main intent is that the therapist/trainer moves the platform while the client reacts to the motion provided, but the user may also perform numerous low and high level activities independently. The platform is large and low enough to allow for sport specific activities to be performed. The innovative adjustable rocker/angle/wobble (RAW) board can also be placed on top of the RB 364 to increase Range of Motion (ROM) and level of difficulty.  Bearings can be added to customize the movement of the board.


Training on the RB 364 improves a client s reactive balance. This helps them react more quickly and appropriately to unforeseen situations or perturbations (slipping, tripping, rolling an ankle, twisting a knee, etc.) and makes them less likely to sustain falls and injuries. Research shows that perturbation or reactive balance training: promotes coordinated muscle activity: enhances dynamic joint stability: improves knee kinematics after ACL rupture; decreases quadriceps dominance in female athletes; reduces risk of knee giving way during athletics; decreases fall risk in elderly and Parkinson s patients. The RB 364 is appropriate for clients of all ages and abilities. Elderly clients will have a decreased risk of falling after their reactive balance is improved. Younger athletic clients will benefit from decreased risk of injury, quicker return to sport and performance enhancement.