Core-Tex Complete


  • Discontinued out of stock product - This last unit left is a Demo Model, in near-mint condition

The Core-Tex is a revolutionary tool that can help anyone improve their functional movement capabilities. The Core-Tex uses its unique floating design to teach the body how to decelerate as it reacts and reaches away from its comfort zone. Access a higher level neuromuscular facilitation and integration. Functionally integrate the body's core through a full spectrum of movements. Evaluate weight distribution and balance shifts during sport specific tasks.


Provide unique rehab and performance movements for the shoulder girdle and upper body. Use in multiple positions to mobilize joints and increase range of motion - standing, kneeling, sitting and lying down. Core-Tex challenges the critical righting reflexes of the neck, eyes, and inner ear which is critical to orientating ourselves to gravitational forces and accelerations of our center of gravity. The movements produced on the Core-Tex recruit the oblique myofascial connections between one side of the torso and the opposite lower extremity that are the foundations of functional movements (walking, running, throwing, lunging, etc).

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Made in USA