Cobblestone Walkway

The Fitterfirst Cobblestone Walkway is a 4-piece interlocking tile set.  Create an uneven surface to walk along, massaging your feet while enhancing balance and contributing to more effective injury rehabilitation. The tiles are constructed using a single mold, providing much greater longevity than standard walkways.  Great for all ages and abilities including children, seniors, and those undergoing rehabilitation.

  • 4 interlocking dark blue single-mold tiles.
  • Can be arranged into a square, line, or zig-zag to create an uneven balance walkway for rehabilitation and therapy.
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Ideal for home, clinic or office and all users.
  • Ideal for tension release, injury rehabilitation and therapy.
  • Encourages balance and stability while stimulating nerves in the feet by massaging pressure points.

Manufactured In:
Made in China

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