Fitterfirst Slide Board

The Ultimate Off-Ice Training Tool

The Fitterfirst 8ft Slide Board has been a preferred dry-land training tool for hockey players, speed and figure skaters for years. Simulate sport-like movements in an off-ice training environment. With an adjustable width from five to eight feet, the Slide Board can be used to replicate the long stride of speed skaters or the short, quick strides of hockey goalies.

Winter sport training doesn’t have to end when the ice melts! With Fitterfirst’s Slide Board, you can easily simulate movements used in hockey, figure skating, speedskating and skiing. The Slide Board provides a slick and smooth surface that can be used to practice skating and skiing maneuvers and continue to build muscle and precision even after the winter season ends. The board is adjustable from 5 feet to 8 feet to replicate the short strides of a hockey player or the long strides of a speed skater. The Slide Board enables specialized, year-round training to winter-sport athletes.

Adjustable in 1ft increments, the 8ft Slide board helps the development of lateral strength, power and endurance. Enhance balance, agility, speed and flexibility. Increase sport performance or improve functional rehabilitation.  Made of durable 1/4" Core Polymer Hockey Board with a non-slip rubber underlay.  Comes with separate box containing the bumpers, a pair of nylon booties, and a starter bottle of spray-on Armor-All.

Manufactured In:
Made in Canada