sku: SLRVL

Smart Covered Toner

The New Safety Standard for Resistance Toners


The Smart covered Resistance Toner is the safest, most durable exercise cable available with its safety sleeve technology. The covered tubing prevents wear on the cable and over-stretching that can lead to injury, while also preventing irritation from the latex-base tubes.

Comes in 5 different resistances:
  • Very Light - 5lb
  • Light - 10lb
  • Medium - 15lb
  • Heavy - 20lb
  • Very Heavy - 25lb
Smart Toners are perfect for muscle toning and strengthening, developing cardio power, as well as improving muscle and joint rehabilitation. Double the lifespan of traditional cables as a result of wear prevention from protective sleeve. Great for high-use areas, such as gyms or clinics.

Manufactured In:
Made in Thailand