sku: PBALL

Pilates Ball - 9"

A Stretching and Exercise Essential

  • Due to temporary supply limitations with the manufacturer this product is currently only available in Purple colour

The Pilates Ball is a 9" inflatable ball used for resistance work in Pilates and other mat fitness programs. The Pilates Ball is also a wonderful tool for adding focus and energy to your workouts.

  • Inflates like a balloon for safe use between 7 to 9 inches in diameter
  • Easy-grip texture
  • Strong enough to use as a prop behind back during core exercises

It can be used slightly deflated as a soft prop under the head, neck, feet, back, etc. Use to add resistance or stimulate muscles in core, lower back, neck, and legs.

  • Endless stretching & toning options
  • Inflates easily with a classic ball pump or blows up like a balloon
  • Includes 2 plugs & inflation straw

Manufactured In:
Made in Taiwan