Smart Strength Band Exercise Loops


Smart Strength Bands are great for customizing your resistance training.  The long, thick loops are available in different strengths - useful for pull-up assistance, stretching, conditioning and rehabilitation.

  • Red XX-Light is most versatile, great for joint & warm up exercises but too light for pull ups
  • Black X-Light is good for larger muscle groups & beginner pull up assistance
  • Purple Light is great for targeting the biggest muscles, pull up assistance, & footwork
  • Green Medium is good for static stretching & mobility exercises, & advanced pull up assistance
  • Blue Heavy is recommended for very strong & heavier built users due to the strength needed to stretch the band
  • Red XX-Light - 0.5" Wide x 40" Long (when flat) & 5-35lb Resistance
  • Black X-Light - 0.9" Wide x 40" Long (when flat) & 10-50lb Resistance
  • Purple Light - 1.1" Wide x 40" Long (when flat) & 25-80lb Resistance
  • Green Medium - 1.7" Wide x 40" Long (when flat) & 50-120lb Resistance
  • Blue Heavy - 2.5" Wide x 40" Long (when flat) & 60-150lb Resistance
Durable, Portable, highly effective trainers.

Manufactured In:
Made in Malaysia

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